Vectus Laser Hair Removal

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*Individual results may vary from person to person


Let us help you rid your unwanted hair!


The Vectus Laser hair removal system features the SkinTel Melanin Reader Technology — a device that measures the exact amount of melanin or pigment in your skin. During that reading, it also factors in any recent sun exposure you might have had (like when you were driving to your appointment!). The SkinTel’s ability to measure pigment makes laser hair removal safer than ever by customizing the laser settings for your particular skin type.


The Features of the Vectus™ Laser

  • Accurately detects skin pigmentation with SkinTel technology to provide a safer hair removal session.
  • Maximum Power Output – twice as high as the Lightsheer Diode laserFaster Sessions due to its larger spot size.
  • Reduces the number of sessions required.
  • Treatments hurt less — in fact, most patients say it’s rather painless.
  • More Effective on fine and fair hair. It is better at this than any other laser on the market.

Smoother, Hair-free Skin in Minutes!

The Vectus Laser is the intelligent choice for the fastest laser hair removal. The Vectus Laser provides high-volume permanent hair reduction for a wide range of skin and hair types – without sacrificing client comfort.

Featuring the largest spot size and most uniform beam profile available today, the Vectus laser allows providers to quickly treat unwanted hair, even in the largest areas, such as the back, in less than five minutes.

About Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted hair is a common problem, for both men and women. Frequent hair removal tasks including shaving, depilatories, plucking, and waxing can be time-consuming, inconvenient and often painful. At best, these methods offer only temporary results – for some only a few hours.

Free yourself from the constant need to shave and wax unwanted facial and body hair and feel your best. Laser technology has brought us a permanent solution to remove unwanted hair, leaving skin feeling smooth and healthy.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser hair removal is the 3rd most performed non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the US*. We can help you to get to the root of the problem with our state-of-the-art Vectus® Laser system.

Laser hair removal gives you effective, permanent hair reduction anywhere on your body including the face, legs, back, underarms or bikini line. Treatments are quick and easy letting you get back to your everyday activities.

How It Works

To understand how laser hair removal works, it’s helpful to understand how your hair grows. Below is an overview and how a laser is uniquely able to permanently reduce unwanted hair.

How Your Hair Grows

Hair grows from deep within hair follicles, which are embedded in the skin. Hair does not grow continuously, but in a three-phase cycle.

· Anagen Phase: This phase is where the hair actively grows which typically lasts for several months and is the best phase for laser hair removal.

· Catagen Phase: During this brief phase, the hair bulb regresses and begins to shrink.

· Telogen Phase: The final phase is a resting phase which lasts a few months. During this phase, the hair is released from the follicle and once complete, the hair will restart at the Anagen or growth phase.

While the rate at which hair grows differs by individual, the length of the hair growth cycle generally depends on the type of hair. For example, the active growth phase of the hair on your head may last several years, while hair on the body has an active growth phase that may last only a few months.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

During laser hair removal, a laser device emits light energy that travels through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and hair shaft. Pigments are the substances that give skin and hair its color. This energy damages the hair follicle, which impairs its ability to grow.

Hair follicles that are in the anagen, or active growth phase, have more pigment and absorb more energy, and typically respond best to treatments. For this reason, it takes multiple treatments to achieve the best results – it’s important to “catch” your hair in this active growth phase when you are receiving treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure

During the procedure, the provider will guide the device over the treatment area. The Vectus® Laser will emit gentle pulses of energy that are delivered into your skin and hair follicles.

The hair follicles that absorb the energy from the laser will be damaged. Hairs that were present in the follicles at the time of treatment will fall out over the next couple of weeks and future hair growth will be impaired.

Since not all hairs are actively growing at the same time, a single procedure will not treat all of the hair follicles in the area. As the follicles in the transitional and resting periods return to the active growth phase, you may notice some hair regrowth but not as thick as it was before the treatment. This regrowth will become thinner and lighter with each subsequent treatment until there is little, to no hair at all.

*15th Annual Cosmetic Surgery National Data Bank Statistics, The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, 2011.

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